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Fluid Flow, Pump Basics and the Evolution of Smart Pumps

 Presented by

Israel Piantini
Field Training Manager

What You Will Learn

The session will provide an overview of fluid flow basics and centrifugal pump principles. Additional content will include the interaction of the pump with the larger system and the transitions from traditional constant speed to variable speed to ‘Smart’ pumps to intelligent pumps. Finally we will review operating and maintenance practices for best results.

Specific topics will include:

  • Overview of flow and pressure principles
  • How a System Curve is Formulated
  • Pump Basics, Performance Curves & Affinity Laws
  • The benefits of Parallel Pumping
  • Comparison of Traditional Pumping with Smart Pumping trends
  • Sensorless Technology & Design Envelope Concept
  • Pump Connectivity, Active Performance Management and the future of pumping