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Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Motor Pumps End Suction Pumps with Integral Vibration Isolators for Maximum Savings

What You Will Learn

HVAC pumping systems are expected to operate smoothly and quietly. The use of inertia bases to prevent transmission of vibration or noise has long been a staple of the industry.  But while inertia bases work, they add extra cost and complexity to a mechanical room installation. What if there was a better approach?


This webinar will introduce Armstrong’s Design Envelope Permanent Magnet (DEPM) End Suction pumps with integral vibration isolators.  Learn about how this pump design eliminates the need for inertia bases, saving up to $2,000 in installation costs, and makes end suction pumps easier to install than ever before - in standard mechanical rooms as well as in seismic areas.  The hydraulic design and DEPM motors also provide best-in-class operating costs, and the available cloud-connected services such as Pump Manager ensure maximum savings over the life of the pumps.