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Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Motor Pumps - How to Harness the Benefits of ‘Ultra-Premium Efficient’ Technology for HVAC Systems

What You Will Learn

The most recent design innovations in electric motors use permanent magnet technology for ultra-premium efficiency operation – not just at full load, but also at part-load, where HVAC pumping equipment operates most of the time.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Armstrong’s Design Envelope Permanent Magnet (DEPM) motors unlock optimal pump performance for reduced operating costs, reduced pump sizing, lower installation costs. We’ll also show how these new pump provide major space savings, with motors that are only 1/3rd the size of conventional induction motors.  This new approach to pumping, enabled by the ultra-premium efficient DEPM motors, also extends pump operating life, while maintaining quiet operation for HVAC applications. Join us on October 14th at 11:00am EDT for a highly informative session on the value available through DEPM motors and Design Envelope technology.