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Domestic Hot Water Systems 101 - Designing a Domestic Hot Water System, And How to Apply a Variable Speed Pump

What You Will Learn

Domestic hot water is one of the most misunderstood areas of plumbing system design. There are a range of issues to consider, including the mixing, the return system, overall efficiency, and the risks associated with Legionella in pumps and circulators. Wondering where to start? In this webinar we'll discuss and explain the key issues, so your next design project can be easier and faster!

Key topics include:

  • Domestic Hot Water System and Circulator Sizing
  • Temperature Control
  • Supply System Design
  • Recirculation System Design
  • Pumps and Circulator Flow Control

Some questions answered will be:

  1. What are the best approaches when designing hot water systems?
  2. Does any of the codes get more stringent when dealing with lead buildings?
  3. Explain using hot water storage tanks for meeting peak demand in high-rise residential buildings?
  4. What is the acceptable time for hot water to be around 110-120°F in the morning when no one uses it during the night?
  5. How does a low loss header help in boiler recirculation?
  6. All about sizing of expansion tanks in water heater system scenario?
  7. Is a recirculation pump sized only to overcome heat loss? What happens to the hot water supply that is not used and how is it returned?
  8. What is the role of plumbing installation in terms of maintaining the temperature of the water?

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