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Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Motor Circulators


Presented by

Michael Boudreau
Wholesale Manager Canada

What you will learn:

Permanent Magnet motor technology represents a leap forward in motor efficiency. Armstrong's Design Envelope technology makes it easier than ever to size and select circulators for a perfect match between system demand and performance. Join us for a session that explains Permanent Magnet Motor Circulators and how Design Envelope technology helps you get the best in HVAC performance, cost savings and occupant comfort.

Key topics include:

  • Key differentiators in Design Envelope Compass Circulators
  • Common features & benefits shared in the DE Compass Circulators
  • DE Compass R model additions for 2020
  • Installation examples, case studies and testimonials
  • Unique depth of offerings in addition to our DE Compass Circulators
  • ADEPT software tool for selecting DE circulators and pumps.

Key questions answered will be:

  1. What is auto mode in circulators?
  2. Can the Compass R model be installed both vertically and horizontally?
  3. How is the permanent magnet motor circulator different from a regular circulator?
  4. Are there any examples as to why Armstrong has the lowest installation and operating costs?
  5. With the motor not being cooled by the working fluid do we have to take into account a larger heat dissipation from the pumps?

Product Solutions of Interest:

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Design Envelope Technology

Automation & Optimization Services

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