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Winter Prep for Heating and Hot Water Systems

What You Will Learn

With the arrival of the first hints of fall in the Northeast US and Canada, the focus of the industry turns to the coming winter. What preparation is required for heating, hot water and warm air supply systems like pumps and circulators to ensure reliable comfort and security? Tony Furst and Chris Hartley speak about these topics and answer your questions.

Key topics include:

  • Air side of heating hot water systems
  • Water side of heating hot water systems
  • Freeze Stat Installation Issues
  • Cooling tower
  • Recommendations for air venting procedures to start operating hydronic systems.

Some questions answered will be:

  1. When getting your boiler ready for the winter, what are some of the important things to check?
  2. How do we test hot water PRV?
  3. How do you eliminate continuous heating and cooling in a dual duct system?
  4. Should building engineers develop a procedure to drain down in emergencies and power-loss conditions?
  5. What operation and maintenance strategies should we follow for boilers switching fuel about three to four times during the winter?
  6. How do we check if our heating valve is operating properly?
  7. What is the minimum temperature as per regulations to maintain cooling temperature inside the occupancy room?
  8. How do we know if the outside air dampers are leaking through?
  9. How do you know if you are getting the correct amount of outside air to the air handlers?

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