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Improve efficiency in your existing HVAC system without investing in upgrades

Presented by

Steven Lane
Communications Manager


What You Will Learn

Many building owners and operators think of HVAC optimization projects as being too expensive to even consider. On the assumption that a project will involve replacing the biggest, most expensive components they choose to continue operating inefficient systems, and their operating outcomes suffer as a result.

During the webinar Armstrong will present the answers to two questions.

  1. What if there’s no budget? What can I do to improve my HVAC efficiency without any investment in equipment upgrades?  
  2.  What if there’s only a small budget? What can I do to improve my HVAC efficiency without a big investment in upgrades?

In this session you will learn how you can optimize your current HVAC system, without any equipment upgrades. We’ll present the steps you can take to maintain, adjust or reset your system to squeeze the best possible performance out of the equipment you have. Drawing advice and data from industry studies we’ll show how building operators have saved up to 25% on one of their biggest operating expenses – keeping the building comfortable.