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Design Envelope Permanent Magnet Motor Pumps - Designed and Engineered for Maximum Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings 


What You Will Learn

Building owners and operators face new challenges in having to open and operate buildings at reduced occupancies, and with higher ventilation rates. A solid understanding of how your building operates and where the potential problems lie is critical to maintaining efficiency. In this session we’ll discuss how to analyze your building systems and different pump types that is suitable for your facility. We’ll also show you where to look to understand what areas of your system are working well and what areas need further analysis. This session will be of interest to building owners, operators, contractors and design engineers.

Key topics:

  • Design Envelope Pump Types – Designed and Engineered For Maximum Energy Efficiency And Cost Savings
  • The Importance of Knowing Your Flow And The Benefits Of Sensorless Technology
  • Parallel Pumping Solutions for Guaranteed System Redundancy, Maximum Energy Savings And Space Savings
  • How To Harness The Benefits Of Ultra-Premium Efficient Permanent Magnet Motor Technology
  • Stay In Control And Keep Your System Optimized With Armstrong’s Pump Manager
  • End Suction Pumps With Integral Vibration Isolators For Maximum Savings

Key questions answered:

  1. What is the difference between the Design Envelope pump motor and the electronic commutated motor (ECM)?
  2. Do we require a controller panel to operate bypass control valve?
  3. How can information from the pump be used to make sizing recommendations for the HVAC system?
  4. Can all of the different pump types be integrated into the building automation system?

Product Solutions of Interest:

Active Performance Management

Pump Manager

Design Envelope Technology

Heating and Cooling

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