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A Fireside Chat with HVAC System Performance Experts

What You Will Learn

Our webinar will take on a slightly different look, as we bring together renowned industry experts for a review of key issues in pumping systems and circulators. Join us to hear from Tony Furst, Peter Wolff, Andy Harrop, Russ Hotrum, John Stischok, Mehak Sandhu, Anish Suthesh Arul, and our special guest, HVAC-Know-It-All, Gary McCreadie. The panel will review and discuss the most interesting and challenging questions we received this year, including many that we didn’t have time to address during the original sessions.

Key Topics Include:

  • Psychrometrics and Properties of Air
  • Fundamentals of Steam
  • Pump Motor Technology
  • Variable Primary
  • HVAC Services

Some questions answered will be:

  1. Using heat to provide humidification is illegal in many cases, how do you address that?
  2. What qualifications are needed for new service personnel in the HVAC industry?
  3. What is the best control strategy when operating in economizer mode?
  4. Should we be phasing out steam since its based from fossil fuels?
  5. When you introduce condensate for heating how do you prevent flashing?

Product Solutions of Interest:

360 Service & Support

Design Envelope Technology

Automation & Optimization Services

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