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The Risks of Sizing Plumbing Systems Using Hunter’s Curves


What You Will Learn

Plumbing systems, including, booster packages, supply and drainage piping, storage tanks are often sized using Hunter’s Curve or a derivative of it. While it is a long-standing and widely accepted methodology, using Hunter’s Curve frequently over-sizes plumbing systems with predictable increases in total cost of ownership and, more importantly, some potentially serious health concerns.

This webinar will discuss the risks associated with sizing plumbing systems using the Hunter’s Method, including system turn-down, flow vs. velocity vs. biofilm production, stagnation, dead legs, and more. We’ll also present a new approach to sizing of pressure booster systems that provides far better accuracy and is particularly helpful for retrofit projects. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

The webinar content will be of interest to building owners and operators, mechanical contractors and design consultants.