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A Comparison Between Variable Primary Flow and Primary/Secondary Chilled Water Pumping Systems


What You Will Learn

The webinar will explain the relative merits of two different approaches to flow modulation in different types of chilled water pumping systems: variable primary and primary/secondary. It will look at the upsides and the downsides of each including the chiller sequencing, control of flow and return temperatures, pump control methods, by-pass control and any potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Key topics:

  • Pump types: Constant primary, variable secondary; variable primary flow
  • Comparison between each pump type: Space, first cost, running cost, effectiveness

Key questions answered:

  1. What are primary only systems most appropriate for?
  2. What are the design parameters of the decoupler line on primary/secondary systems and why it needs a minimum pressure drop?
  3. Where should the water flow sensor be installed to detect minimum flow to the chiller?
  4. How do modular chillers impact pump configurations?

Product Solutions of Interest:

Active Performance Management

Design Envelope Technology

Heating and Cooling

Plumbing and Water Supply

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