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Right-Sizing Equipment and the Real Numbers for Energy Savings

What You Will Learn

The long-standing industry practice of over-sizing equipment has impacts on building operation that are real and quantifiable. At the time the equipment is sized and selected, it may seem as if over-sizing is a small issue and that any error will be over-looked because customers will appreciate the reliability and capacity of the system. As the costs of inefficiencies become known ($ and CO2), the importance of right-sizing and value of performance flexibility become more clear.

Armstrong has developed a new software tool to help you understand what your operating costs could (and should) be. With the surprising accuracy of the calculations, this tool can show you the true value of retrofitting older pumps with brand new Design Envelope technology.  Join us for a webinar that uses a recent energy upgrade project to show the value of right-sizing and the importance of having hard data for value calculations.

This session will be of interest to contractors, engineers, system designers and facility managers.